So That was 2015

Well what an interesting year 2015 was, and without a doubt the toughest, but also most exciting, year we’ve had at Dartmoor Hawking


We Introduced our Falconry from horses, a unique experience, and something we’re incredibly proud off, especially as we were using ex-racehorses alongside Dotty the wonderful Spotty pony


Unfortunately late this year we lost Skippy, and Dotty has been retired from client work, But Ozzy has stepped Manfully into the breach, and we have just started work on a new ex-racer who is already showing a lot of promise, and the wife’s pony, Lady Tinkle has also joined the Falconry  team


The quality of flying we have been able to show clients has gone from strength to strength, and we are offering what is probably the most exciting eagle flying available in the southwest, with Artemis and Rosie still getting better


The support crew have excelled themselves, Our Hunting days would be very poor without them, and during the summer have created hours of mindless amusement for clients, and become one of the most photographed features at Bovey Castle Hotel while we do our morning display


Phillippa Waddell from Wildhorse Films made a lovely short film, a day in the life of The Dartmoor Hawker (sorry for the link, my technological skills never om[rove)

All this was fantastic, the downside, that made the year so tough was that in February I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and started treatment in May, This has been successful but it made the year a real struggle, I worked all through treatment, only having to cancel a few sessions,and a huge thank you to the majority of clients who were so understanding, (and we won’t mention the 2 who were not)

I have to give a huge thank you to the wife, Phillippa for her help and supportDSC_0001

And also to the lovely neighbours across the valley at Bovey Castle for being so supportive during my illness and treatment


2016 has started as a washout, weatherwise, but we are looking forward to making it the most exciting year yet for Dartmoor Hawking, The falconry from horses is developing to a really high level, we have the best team of hawks we have ever had so we think we are offering one of the best falconry experiences available in the country/

Happy new year to you all