Five years on

Five years ago I arrived at a service station just off the M25 at 3.30 am with a large wedge of cash, and waited for a man in a white van.
He turned up, showed me the contents of the wooden box, passed it over, took the cash and dissapppeared .
This was one of those great life changing moments , the contents of the box turned out to be the great love of my life,Artemis


Artemis was a joint venture with Bovey Castle Hotel Who had decided an eagle would be a great Addition to the hotel, the deal being they’d buy her, I’d train and fly her for them and have full use of her for Dartmoor Hawking.
Her origanal intention was only to be a display eagle,and for people to fly on our falconry experiences, she had other views on this, only a week after she was flying lose the dogs flushed a fox that had been poking around in a hedge, it ran straight under her flight path, she grabbed it and killed it.
A couple of weeks later I was flying her on the moor,starting her soaring, and the dogs flushed out a roe deer, she killed that.
She had unilaterally decided she wanted to be a hunting eagle.
As our relationship developed I introduced her to horses


As far as I’m aware she’s the only eagle in this country being flown from a horse, and what a combination it makes, a big powerful eagle being flown from a thoroughbred ex racehorse, the pinnacle of equine evolution ,over Dartmoor, one of the very few true wilderness’ left in England’
All the time whilst working she has retained her lovely nature and has been one of the nicest natured hawks I’ve ever worked with. She provides a wonderful experience for guests to fly


A huge thank you to Bovey Castle for the oppertunity to work with this wonderful creature



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