Why the ex racehorse

Why the ex racehorse  ?
I’m often asked why I only use Thoroughbreds, brought out of training for my falconry horses,I’m told they have a reputation for being flighty,scatty and very unpredictable.
Luckily no one has told mine this,my primary falconry horse is Skippy (racing name William Percival) who joined us from Gordon Chambers yard in Buckfastleigh


In the 18 months we’ve had him he has been used to teach young hawks to work with horses, been the main tutor on our falconry from horses days, Been masters horse for the Dartmor Falcons, carrying me on more than 50 days Hawking from horses carrying hawks from Harley at 350g to Artemis weighing in at 4.5kg,,kept me up with the flight and quite happily carried back whatever had been caught.


He’s been used in talks , demonstrations and main ring displays at various venues, and never put a foot wrong.
He’s fast, light mouthed, very quick on his feet,so can keep himself upright at a gallop whilst I’m concentrating on the flight, unfazed by anything (except killer squirrels!)
Number 2 pony, Ozzy (Major Buck) joined us this year and is proving to be equally as versatile as is Arnie(Ardnaglass) The wife’s latest acquisition to


Flying hawks on Dartmoor from a thoroughbred is without a doubt the best way to show how versatile a retired Racehorse can be
Our Video A day in the Life shows how The horse fit into our everyday work and the video Dartmor Falcons on inside out  Shows there use in the field


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